Games  are Sunday morning from 8AM- 5PM.   The event runs from January 12th until February  23rd in Halsey field house.  

Age Groups:  

High School Varsity

High Scholl JV

U15 (born on or after Jan 1, 2005 )


12th, 19th; 26th;

Feb 2nd; 9th; 16th; 23rd

Times: 8AM- 5PM

Venue:  Halsey Field house (United States Naval Academy)

Cost: $1,500 per team

individual registration available for the house team $175

Two ways to sign up.Use the link below to register a team


Use this link if you are an indivual and want to play on our house team 



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Navy is excited to offer several tournaments throughout the year. All the tournaments are held on the historic grounds of the United States Naval Academy (Halsey field house or Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium). Tournaments guarantee a minimum of three games per tournament with an opportunity to play a fourth. Games are refereed by certified by officials. Details below:

Tournament dates 

March 7 & 8

May 31

Divisions: 2024; 2025; 2026 

Venue: Halsey field house

Game length: 30 minutes (3 game minimum guarantee)

Format: Canadian-style Box Lacrosse. 5 runners on the floor and one goalie. Small goals, 30 second shot clock & no long poles. USBOXLA rules.

Cost per team: $895






 This is an intensive camp that offers a ton of lacrosse with constant action. Campers are taught the skills needed to advance to the next level. They are separated by age and skill level to ensure they are properly challenged. Campers sleep in Bancroft Hall and eat in King Hall.

Camp staff

In previous years, the camp has offered a camper to staff ratio of 7 to 1. One of the best ratio’s available in any camp. This low ratio will maximize their positive experience.  All navy camps have the common goal of developing a camper’s ability and exposing him to the Midshipman concepts of honor, integrity and discipline. Our camps are staffed by the finest college and high school coaches in the country. Current and former Naval Academy lacrosse players are used to offer a well rounded camp experience What's included

  • Coaching & supervision
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner in King Hall. 
  • Lodging in Bancroft Hall
  • practice reversible & water bottle

 Drop off time is 1:00 PM  Pick up time is 10:00 AM 

Date: TBD

Cost: $650 



For More Information

If you are interested in participating in our box lacrosse events, please click on the button below.


True Canadian style box lacrosse

This is true Canadian-style box lacrosse played on a full sized floor indoors at Halsey field house located on the grounds of the United States naval Academy.

Benefits of Box Lacrosse:

1) FAAASST!  With a confined playing area, everything is accelerated- players have to handle pressure, make quick decisions and be able to thread the needle with passes and shots.  A 30 second shot clock keeps the game moving. 

2) Less down time.  Missed shots and passes that hit the boards stay in play and reduce stoppages.   

3) Less players on the field equals more touches per game.  Everyone plays both sides of the floor.   Increased participation equals more engagement and excitement. 

4) Smaller goals and no defense sticks force players to play with finesse and and technique forcing them to improve their fundamentals 


  • USBOXLA rules
  • Five runners and one goalie on the floor
  • No long sticks
  • Game times range from 30 min to 40 minutes (tournament/ league)
  • Click on the logo for the rule book



What equipment do you need?

For everybody except goalies, you can use the equipment you wear for field lacrosse.  It is strongly recommended that all participants wear rib pads.  A quick internet search for "box lacrosse rib pads" should help you find them.  The approximate cost is roughly $40. Additionally, if your son doesn't have big arm guards, those are strongley recommended as well.  

GOALIE EQUIPMENT:  Goalies wear a completely different set of stuff.  See the picture to your right.  It's typically pretty expensive.  For league play at Navy, We will supply goalie equipment on game day.   Be sure to bring your own helmet, athletic supporter & goalie stick  

questions?  email