Camp facilities

Navy Marine Corps Stadium


This is where the developmental day camps are held, all camps check in & out here.  Individual Overnight camps play their final game here

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Lejeune Pool


All overnight Campers have access to our world class pools. 

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Wesley Brown Field house


one of two state of the art indoor practice facilities.

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Halsey Field house


One of our two indoor practice facilities.  Halsey field house serves as our lacrosse team's primary indoor practice arena

Farragut Fields


Four grass fields and one artificial turf fields.  During our overnight camp, the defensemen and attackmen  spend their days here 

Rip Miller field


This is our primary field for all the Individual Overnight Camps and our goalie field for the Overnight camp 

Hospital Point fields


10 grass fields all located next to the water.  

Dewey Fields


4 grass fields.  During our Overnight camp, this is where the midfielders practice.  

Bancroft Hall


This is where the campers sleep.  Click on the image for more info 

King Hall


This is the dining facility that campers and Midshipmen alike eat 

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Ricketts Hall weight room


For the campers attending the Individual Overnight camp, they  use the same world class weight room our Lacrosse and football team use.

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Tarzan Assault course


Weather permitting, campers attending the Individual Overnight Camps have the opportunity to challenge themselves on the same high ropes course that every plebe must accomplish to graduate.