PARENTS at camp

Parents and relatives are always welcome to watch any session of our camp. The best way to find your son is to ask anyone of our staff members wearing a “gold shirt”. Please keep in mind that due to security concerns we will not be able to issue any parking passes. You will need to park off of the yard and walk onto the Academy. You and all members of your family above the age of 16 are required to show a valid picture ID to the gate guards in order to walk onto the “Yard”.

If you wish to check your son out of camp early or on a temporary basis (dinner with the family, etc.) you need to make prior arrangements with the staff director (410.293.5548) and sign him out with the camp security officer. We will only check out a camper to an adult member of his immediate family unless prior arrangements have been made with the camp director. Once you return your son to camp you will need to log him back in with the camp security officer.

While watching your son at camp, you are required to stay off the playing field at all times.

After check in, parents are not allowed to be in Bancroft Hall.  

Want to give a family friend permission to take your son out of camp?

Follow these instructions.  To log back onto the registration site, click on the button below.

Step 1: Using your username and password, log back onto the registration site

Step 2:  Click on "view" or "continue" next to your son's name

Step 3: Click on "Edit/View" next to the Custodial form

Step 4: Enter names of the person(s) that can check your son out of camp and click on save 


where your son will be while on the field

Want to watch your son do drills and play?  Look below to to find his camp and use the map above to find the field.  Note: fields and times are subject to change due to weather, field availability and military operations.  


The morning and evening sessions are on Rip Miller field.  The afternoon session is on Farragut turf field (by the sailing center).  The last morning session is played out at Navy Marine Corps Stadium


For the first four sessions, the boys are separated by position.

The midfielders are on Dewey fields

The defensemen and attackmen are on Farragut fields

The goalies are n Rip Miller field

After the fourth session, the boys are separated by their teams.

The Carrier teams are on Rip Miller field

The Battleships teams are on Dewey field 

The Destroyer teams are on Farragut grass fields

The submarine division is on Farragut Turf field (by the sailing center)


Your son will be out at the Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium for the entirety of the camp.


You son will be on Hospital Point fields