Athletic trainers

Every Navy lacrosse camp has at least one athletic trainer at every session.   All our overnight camps have at least one athletic trainer on site 24 hours a day while camp is in session  

Food allergies

Allergies to common foods requiring special dietary considerations cannot be supported by King Hall and is a disqualifying condition for attending all overnight camps.  Please email or call the camp director for more information ( or 410.293.5548).


As lacrosse is a contact sport, our campers may from time to time get bumped and bruised.  If a camper gets injured, he should report to the athletic trainer assigned to his field for treatment.  Additionally, we have a trainer available in the dorms 24 hours a day.  If he feels sick or needs to see  a trainer while in Bancroft Hall, he should report to the training room.   Campers will be told where this is on the first day and the training room number is posted on every campers door.  

Sick camper

If a camper is sick and running a fever prior to the start of camp, he should not attend.  Please contact the camp director directly at or 410.293.5548.

If a camper gets sick at camp, we will notify the parents immediately and take appropriate steps to ensure the camper is cared for in the best possible manner.  If a camper is not feeling well he can tell anyone of our staff or go to the training room.  


Regulations regarding the handling and dispensing of medicine in Maryland has recently changed.  We are waiting to get the details on how we are handling medicine this year.  Please check back for details.  Additionally, we will email all overnight campers once we get notification on our updated procedures.  Updated: 3 April 2019 

Medical Forms

As part of the registration process you are required to fill out the required medical form online.  If you can't remember if you did that or not, you can check using the instructions below.  Note: The system would not have allowed you to pay for the camp unless this was done.  


STEP 1:  log onto the registration site using your username and password.  

STEP 2: Click on  "view" or "continue" next to your son's name

STEP 3: Click on "edit/view" next to the Medical form page.  

STEP 4: Enter/ update the medical information and click save.  

Click here to log on the registration site