Basic Info

 The camp store account ensures that each camper’s spending money remains in safekeeping throughout the camp. Parents can pay by  credit card. The camper will be allowed to use this money for all items sold at the camp store(s).  This is completely optional.  All unused funds are sent back to the parents.   Bank accounts are camp specific so make sure you click on the right button below.  

Individual Overnight Camp 1 ( July 7 -11)

Set up IOC 1 Camp Bank

Individual Overnight Camp 2 ( July 11 -15)

Set up IOC 2 Camp Bank

Individual Overnight Camp 3 (July 15-19)

Set up IOC 3 Camp Bank


set up Overnight camp bank

Individual Overnight Camp 4 (July 24-28)

set up IOC 4 camp bank


Any questions can be directed directly to the camp store at 410.293.8702 or use the form below to email the store

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Navy Lacrosse Camp Store

566 Brownson Road, Annapolis, Maryland 21402, United States

(410) 293-8702